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Hunan Amazon Machinery Co., Ltd.   湘ICP备14005657号

Forged drive crankshaft

basic information

An enterprise specializing in the production of various automobiles, motorcycles, trains, aviation precision forgings and machining parts.


It is fully equipped and can produce various precision forged parts for machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, trains, aviation, hardware tools and other enterprises.

Such as: rocker arm, lever hoist, turning hardware, shift fork, crankshaft, camshaft, fork, terminal forging, extension ring, connecting ring, piston body, pull rod, butterfly nut, upper pressure plate, inner chain plate, suspension, Forged products such as cross shafts, knuckles, universal joint forks, ball housings, adjusting arms, etc.


Strong technical force, strong development ability, short cycle.

The product involves the use of three-dimensional simulation and physical measurement of 3D printing. The mold manufacturing uses a combination of a five-axis machining center and a vacuum heat treatment process to achieve the national standard precision level in terms of accuracy and mold life.

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